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Accident To-Do's

If you find yourself in an accident it is important to take the proper steps. We have offered the information below in an effort to provide some guidance.

1) First find out if there are any injuries, and if so obtain immediate medical attention for the injured.

2) If no one has been seriously injured, determine whether the car is creating a dangerous road condition. If so, and if it can be safely moved, drive it off the road. Always leave a car that is on fire immediately.

3) If there is any interference with the functioning of your tires or wheels, the car is making odd noises, or it is leaking any fluids do not attempt to drive it. In such cases obtain a tow, which your company will pay for. If you intend to drive away from a front end collision do not open the hood, which may be difficult to securely close.

4) Exchange information with the other driver such as names, addresses, registrations, insurance, phone numbers, and so on. Also try to obtain the insurance policy number of the other driver's. Doing so may be helpful if there is a third party claim.

5) If neither driver is willing to admit fault don't argue about it. File a claim under your collision coverage and your insurance company will settle the dispute in a process known as subrogation. If the other party was determined to have been at fault your deductible will be refunded.

6) If there is no doubt about the other party being at fault you may submit your claim to their insurance company. In such cases (third party loss) their insurance company must pay 100% for the repairs to your car and provide alternate transportation while your car is being repaired.

7) Get names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses if possible, particularly if there is potential negligence or dispute over fault.

8) Repairs to your vehicle can be made at any shop of your choice.

9) If your automobile is being towed you still have the right to select the shop you desire and can not be forced to go elsewhere.

10) You are only required by law to obtain one estimate unless your insurance police specifically states otherwise.

11) Make particular note that there can be significant differences between repair shops with regard to how repairs are done and the resulting quality of work. Poor repairs can affect your vehicles value, safety, and operation.


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