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Caring For Your Car

If you have selected Quality Care Collision & Refinishing to professionally repair your vehicle thank you for your business and trust. Our team of experts strive to provide the highest level of quality, value, and satisfaction.

Properly caring for your vehicle is important after repairs have been made but is easy and will add to the beauty and life of your vehicle. Particularly while new paint completely cures your vehicle may need special attention for a few weeks.

  • To maintain a lustery new appearance hand wash your vehicle at least a couple of times each month, using a soft sponge and drying with a terry cloth or cloth towel.
  • Always wash any petroleum products like gasoline off your vehicle with water.
  • If possible, avoid automated car washes, or waxing for two months after repairs.

Washing Your Vehicle

  • Wash your vehicle in a shady place when the weather is not too hot.
  • When using your sponge be sure your vehicle is thoroughly wet to avoid scratching the surface.
  • Always wash your vehicle from the top down.
  • Avoid washing with household cleaners or dish washing soap since they can wear down the top coat.
  • Remember to wash behind the mudguards of your vehicle.
  • Open doors and hatches before drying to air out all crevices.

Automated Car Washes

  • Rotating brushes can cause scratches as dirt is swept across the surface of your vehicle.
  • Avoid automated car washes where recycled water is conditioned using ammonia.
  • Select the least expensive wash since these will usually cycle your vehicle through once and are thus easier on the exterior.

Waxing Your Vehicle

  • Use high-quality wax, and not products claiming to remove scratches, stains or rust.
  • Do not wax your vehicle in direct sunlight since the sun may affect the wax and ruin your vehicles top coat.
  • Wax small areas at a time. Use a circular motion when removing the wax using a clean cloth each time.

Protecting the Top Coat

  • Try to avoid gravel roads which can create small cracks in your vehicles top coat that will worsen over time.
  • Remove bug remnants from your vehicle since some insects have acidic qualities that can deteriorate your vehicles finish.
  • Clean bird droppings when possible because they contain phosphates that change into phosphoric acid and will cause damage to your vehicle surface


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